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About Us

The Theunissen Clan

Being a mom of 3 children ages 6, 5 and 23 months old, life is pretty chaotic. As most parents would agree we need all the extra help we can get, which is what sent me on a path that culminated in my acquiring some unique agencies and products for the SA market.

Our extended family – 22 in total – have always been very pedantic about the hazards of swimming pools and other exposed water features for young kids, particularly if they aren’t of a swimming age.

My very own niece almost drowned when she was 2 years old but we were fortunate enough that my mother, a trained nurse, was at the scene to resuscitate her in time and save her life. There were at least 10 adults around the pool that day and no one noticed her entering the pool!

You often read about tragic drownings which statistically, sadly, mostly occur at home.

12 years ago, my sister went overseas and brought a  Safety Turtle ® back for her kids. When she showed me how simple it was, I was amazed at how well it worked! However my real appreciation for this little device only really took hold when I started having children of my own.

Today the Safety Turtle is a standard accessory which my kids wear as their ‘wristwatch’ every time they are outdoors and around the pool.

There is another very handy item that I came across recently. This time for travel.

Fortunately for us my sister lives in Mauritius and we are able to fly out and visit her on the odd occasion. The only problem is that that this involves keeping our kids relaxed and happy en route throughout the flight there and back. As many of you know, this can be a harrowing ordeal.

I recently became aware of a great product called the  Fly-tot ® which could have saved my husband and me countless hours of stress where we would inevitably end up standing or perching on the arm rests in the aisle as our toddlers stretched out and slept across our seats! After having discovered Fly-tot, we can now enjoy our long distance flights… in our own seats… sipping on the obligatory, complimentary champers.

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